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For more than three hundred years, beginning with the passage of the Spanish treasure galleons, piracy was one more of the many hazards facing vessels voyaging the Straits of Florida.

 On April 2, 1513 Ponce de Leon claimed Florida ( La Florida) in the name of Spain.Indians right's were never considered.Florida was owned and governed by the Spain from 1513. It was traded to England in 1763. It was taken  back by Spain in 1783. Then sold to the United Statesin 1819. Ratification of the Adams -Onis treaty of 1819 made Florida a U.S Territory February 22, 1821.

While under Spanish ownership various land grants were issued.Key West- Juan Pabio Salas- 1815,Marathon w/4 islands - Francisco Lorenzo Ferreira 1814,Key Biscayne - Pedro Fornells,Key West was sold to John Simonton of Mobile, Alabama in 1822 for $2,000. Simonton divided Key West up amongst three others; Whitehead, Fleeming and Greene May 23, 1828.Marathon was sold to Issac Cox of St.Augustine in 1824 for $3,000.Duck Key was sold to Solomon Snyder of New York in 1823.

1821 there were no U.S  statues on Wrecking. Only the "common law at sea" and a Bahamian Admiralty Court.1821 Ratification of Adams Onis Treaty 1822 John Simonton purchased the Island of Key West from Juan Pablo Salas on January 19, 1822.

KEY WEST : Cay Hueso,Key- "Cayo" from the Taina Indians of Hispanola and Cuba referring to "small island".Hueso [way-so] ( sounds like west). The spanish word Hueso mean bones in English.

Key West was a natural deep water port and was the deepest port between New Orlenes and Norfolk,Virginia. It was situated on the primary shipping route. This route caused some unavoidable wrecks on the reef. This was due to the direction of the wind and the force of the Gulf stream and the depth of the reef.

1822 Florida became U.S Teritory

Navy Lt. Matthew C. Perry sailed into Key West on March 25, 1822 to control the port in the name of the United States. West India Squadron.LT.Perry changed the name of Key West to "Thompson Island" for the Secretary of the Navy. Smith, Thompson and the harbor "
Port Rogers" for the president of the board on Navy Commisoners.1822 Key West was declared an official port of entry.

Act of 1822 , 10th section authroized a custom house. Mr, Joel Young was the first collector of customs.1822 Summer- Jack B Housman Sailed into port at Key West to make repairs on his ship William Henery. Jacob  met, John Simontom.Jacob went to Cuba to hall cargo to St. Augustinre, contacts ( Enrique Laria),Charleston Bilingham Co.(Edgar Tucker),Mobile

April 1823 Monroe County is established,Key West became home to a number of aristocratic famioies from Mobile,New Orlenes, Virginia, Massachusettes, Connecticut and New York.Fisherman, turtlers , Cubans with fresh produce and fruit. Business sprung up. It created Jobs, Buildings, Stores, Shops warehouses and houses

Wrecking Act of July 4, 1823.
it contained 14 sections provided tht salvagers of wrecked property brought into the territory must report to the nearest justice of peace, or notartg republic (section one). Section two gave the officer the duty to gather a jury of five. Section three gave the compostion of the jry as the members nominated by the salvagers, two by the owners and one by the justice or notary. Other sections established court costs, advertisment, required a certified copy to be sent to the clerk of the Superior Court ect. As there was not a Superior Court in Key.

Porter took over the island (military rule) (Autocratic ruler) (martial law)Named the naval depot "Allenton" after Lt. William Allen who was killed by pirates.Established two storehouses, officer quarters barracks and maine hospital. The island was perfectly situated to guard the gateway to the U.S  Gulf Coast and to serve as a base tp protect shipping in the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean.Porter Sailors seized firewood and killed the livestock of the town people. He prohibted the sale of the land and the occupation of new land without his approval.

From December,1824 to December 1825 wrecked property totalling $293,353,00 was auctioned off to Key West Between August 1824 and March 1825, the Federal Revenue took in over $35,000.

Comet Applebee  Bella Dolores James Johnson Rosalie Edward Richards- Captins the worked with Appleby.Porter- topsail schooner- Grampus.La Centilla - privateer ship .Captin Charles Hopner conferre with Appleby.April 1824  Appleby extended his business enterprise by underwriting with a partner named Snyder, constucted and operated a store on Indian Key. The store was under the manament of Silas Fletcher.

Joseph Price became  partner and he helped Silas Fletcher build a house. Then Flectcher brought his wife, Avis and the two young'uns to the island. Prince and Fletcher partnership was in 1825. Business was good so they bought out Snyder and Appleby and went it on our own. It didnt last too long Prince had to go back to Massachusetts. He sold out to Fletcher in May 1825".Indian Key wasn"t as remote as it seems. Alligator Reef  Reef was there and  many wreckers passed. Mr.Thomas Gibson had plans to  buy out Fletcher and  expan the facilities so wreckers can stay.

Simonton divided Key West up amongst himself and his three partners, Pardon C., Green, John Whitehead and W.C Fleeming.

March 3 , 1829 there was a rare appearance of pirates, reported in Tavernier. They attacked the brig Attentive and all but one person was killed.During the same time John Whitehead's brother , William, surveyed the city in 1829. Southard was the Secretary of The Navy, hence Southard Street and Eaton was Secretary of The Army, hence Eaton Street. William Duval was the first territoral governor of Florida hence Duval Street.

March 4, 1824 William Duval became the first territor governor.Tallahassee was selected for the capital. 1825 the Federal Wrecking Act prescribed that all property wrecked in the U.S waters be taken to an U.S port of Entry. 1826 Pre-emptive Right Claim,1828 The City of Key West is incorporated.1828 Key West was designated a Port of Entry. Congress created the Superior Court of The Southern Districk.

The Wrecking business presented a unique opportunity to obtain money and power. In the 1820's the wrecking business was controlled by the few Key West merchamts. They owner the Wharves, Warehouse and all the other business in town. Through collusive agreements they controled the govenment. ( Lawyers and Judges)Jacob wanted a way to circument this practice.

By 1830 Applebye was back living in Key West. Served as a captain of 52' wrecking schooner .         Mary Aron

 Richard Fitzpatrick: 1) Authorized Auctioneer 2) Owned several wrecking ships. 3) Monroe County Territoial Council Reresenative ( 1836) 1829 First news paper register,1831 Key West Gazette,1834 Enquirer  Salt Producer 5) In the  1830's aquired extensive land holdings in The New Dade County. AUCTIONS EVERY FEW WEEKS George Walton 1st appointed auctioneer salary  5%.

Given Key West it's own court in 1828 for hearing salvage cases. James Webb, was the first Judge of this Superior Court. The 1830 population of Monroe County had climed to 517 people, including 96 aliens, 83 colored and 66 were slaves

1830 Jacob was searching for an island to call port. He needed an island that was high and dry. It had to have deep water channel, to accomodate a shallow-draft vessels. A tradionial wrecking sloop or schooner draw 6' to 8 ' of water. It has to be near Carysfort and Alligator Reef. This is where most wrecks occured.Indian Key is opposite Alligator reef and 35 miles s/w of Caryford. In the Fall of 1830 Thomas Egan sold an house on Indian key to Jacob Housman. It was purchased for the sum of $324.00, Egan was in depth to Houseman.

In ,1824 Appleby and his partner Snyhder opened a store on Indian Key. Silas Fletcher built and managed the store.In 1825 Silas Fletcher and Joseph Prince formed a partnership . They bought Appleby and Fletcher out. In 1830 Thomas Gibson bought the silas Fletcher Business. It was sold for the sum of $2,500.In 1831 Jacob Housman bought Inidan Key from Thomas Gibson. The purchase price $5,000. This included the rights to claim of ownership of the enitre island. It also came with a store, a two- story building that served as a hotel. The hotel had a bowling alley  and a pool table. Jacob pursed his plan for making Indian Key into his own tropical paradise. He plotted streets buildings and a wharf, with the help of caprpenters blacksmiths and slave labor, he constucted wharves and a large warehouse.He build shops for the carpenters, sail maker and blacksmith.
He had cottages built to house the workers. Most of the islands residents were wreckers and turtleres. Others were store keepers, carpenters , blacksmiths, labors and slaves. Nearly all of them owner their allegiance to Jacob Housman either as his employees , slaves or through indebtedness to him.

1842 ( an act to provied for the armed occupation and settlement of the unsettled part of the peninsula of east Florida) signed August 4th 1842.This gave settlers up to 160 achers to occupy and settle "clear",May 16 1843 Jonh Lowe, William Lowe, Phillip Baker, William Bethel, Samuel Kemp, John Curry, George Curry and Joke Puke applied for land permits of Key Largo property- no land patons were issued because of lack of offical state survey.

1845 March 3rd Florida became a State.

The first rule of wrecking passed by an act of congress establishing the court in 1847. To hand this licences and theres rules to the master, and leave them with him, if he shall so desire, long enough to be read and understood by him. No obligation to accept his offer of help.-- 13 Rules of Wrecking

Marvin served as judge for the Supreem Court for the Southern Judicial District of the Teritory of Florida from 1838 until 1845.

Captains Log;

Jacob Housman

Ben Bakers

Brandish Johson ( Hog)

John Geiger

Weather Ford Low ( Bull)

John Lowe

The wrecking ship and its master had to be liscened and the owners name had to be recorded.

Ship owners and warehouse owners - William Curry,John Lowe,Asa Tift




Hundreds of lost ships beneath the crystal blue waters of Key Largo. To hear their stories we need to dig a little deeper, to look, and to lsten. It has been said that the waters of the Florida Keys contain a least one thousand shipwrecks. A large percentage of these shipwrecks lie off the coast of Key Largo. Most of these shipwrecks remain undiscovered. They are buried beneath centuries of sand and coral. Each of these ships was once the pride of her captain and crew. Shipwreck is a dynamic environment, subject to change due to the effects of time, and of the sea's less than tender embrace.


A shipwreck park named after the sunken Spanish ship "San Pedro", the underwater park is located under 18 feet of water approximately 1.25 nautical miles south from Indian Key. In 1773, the San Pedro, sailing under the Spanish flag, wrecked and went to the bottom off the Florida coast. The remains of the 287-ton San Pedro rest on a white sand pocket -- the home of sea creatures living amidst ballast stones and coral heads.

The Florida Keys Shipwreck Trail

ALLIGATOR USS - Schooner (Keyes)
USS Alligator was a 12 cannon schooner built to curtail piracy and slavery. After a short service it ran aground here in 1822 and was exploded by the crew to keep it from pirates. A mooring buoy close to the lighthouse in about 10 feet of water marks the ballast pile and scattered artifacts from the wreck. Wk lies in 40 feet of water.

24.51.07N 80.37.21W

BENWOOD - (Upper Keyes)
Benwood was a Norwegian freighter which sank in 1942 from a collision. Lies in 40 feet.
25.03.144N 80.19.930W

USCG BIB - (Keyes)
USCG Cutter Bib lies in 110 feet. Large yellow marker & mooring buoy. Two more mooring buoys on bow under 15' of water. Upright on bottom. Strong currents. Crow's nest at 50' and deck at 90'. Bow anchors at 45 degrees off bow.
24.58.16N 80.21.96W

The City of Washington lies here in 15 to 25 feet of water.



USCG DUANE - (Keyes)
USCG Cutter Wk lies in 125 feet. Cutter on starboard side with gunwales about 95'. Sank in 1985 as recreational diving site. 327' long. Buoyed bow & stern. 125' max depth.
24. 59.388N 80.22.888W

EAGLE TIRE -Freighter (Upper Keys - Monroe County)
This 269 foot Dutch freighter now lies in 110 feet of water. Also known as the RAILA DAN. Built in Holland in 1962, this freighter was acquired and sunk by the Florida Keys Artificial Reef Association in 1985. She lies outside the reef on a flat sandy bottom six miles off Lower Matecumbe Key. The vessel is resting on her starboard side in 110 feet of water. Vessel has now broken in two due to a 1998 hurricane. Both parts now lie 100 feet apart. Sank in 19th December 1985.

24.52.213N 80.34.346W

Hurricane of  1733

 1733 – On July 15th a 22-ship treasure fleet was struck at the Keys by hurricane, leaving 13 ships sank or grounded, forever, in the 80 miles between Elliott Key and Key Vaca.  After the storm perhaps a thousand people were left to survive for days on their sorry hulks or on the islets until help from Havana could arrive. One of North America’s greatest maritime disasters, it was unknown in our  history until 1938, when diver Art McKee began his underwater and archival investigations of a “cannon wreck” shown to him by Islamorada fisherman Reggie Roberts. 

EL LERRI TYRRI (San Felipe)- English Merchantman (Upper Keyes)
From 1733 Armada went down in Hurricane. English built merchant ship. 100' x 30'. Ballast stones only - no other parts left. Can be found in 15 feet of water. Vessel was 486 tons.

24.50.753N 80.42.867W

EL INFANTE - Galleon (Upper Keys)
Was one of the two major treasure galleons of the ill fated 1733 fleet. The ship was built in 1724, was 326 tons and carried 40 cannon. Art McKee was the first diver to salvage the wreck and worked it for over 20 years. Even so, much remains, as its shallow location resulted in wave action dispersing the treasure far from the site.

24.56.57N 80.28.58W
Sank in the great storm of 1773. Wreckage lies in 25 feet of water.
25.19.500N 80.10.500W

EL POPULO - Nuestra Senora Del POPULO - Galleon (Upper Keys)
Sank in the great storm of 1773. State site file #8MO147. What you'll find here is scattered ballast and some timbers. There was one Pillar Dollar recorded as being found on the wreck, along with cannon and personal artifacts. There is some contention amongst treasure hunters that this might be the advice boat of the 1733 fleet, and the Populo is further towards Caesar's Creek. Was a 14 gun corvette.

25.21.85N 80.09.69W
EL SUECO DE ARIZONA - Galleon (Upper Keys)
Sank in the great storm of 1773. Wk lies in 13 feet of water.
24.46.57N 80.53.32W

HERRERA - Galleon (Upper Keys)
Sank in the great storm of 1773.  Remains lie in 16 feet of water.
24.57.663N 80.35.849W

Also called the "Cannonball Wreck". 12' in turbid water. From the 1733 fleet that went down in a hurricane. 500 Ton ship that carried 60 Cannon. Massive warship.
24. 48.619N 80.45.932W

LA CAPITANA - Galleon (Upper Keys)
Sank in the storm of 1733. Remains of this wreck lie in 18 feet of water.
24.55.636N 80.31.156W

LAS TRES PUENTES - Galleon (Upper Keyes)
Sank in the great storm of 1771. Remains lie in 15 feet of water.
24.53.480N 80.35.488W

NUESTRA SRA DE BELEM - Galleon (Upper Keys)
Sank in the storm of 1733. The remains now lies in 14 to 16 feet of water.
24.54.935N 80.35.499W

NUESTRA SRA DEL ROSARIO - Galleon (Upper Keys)
Sank in the great storm of 1771. Lies in 10 feet of water.
24.46.617N 80.53.589W

Sank in the storm of 1733. Now lies in 16 feet of water.
24.55.815N 80.36.111W
SAN FRANCISCO DE ASIS - Galleon (Upper Keys)
Sank in the storm of 1733. Now lies in 14 feet of water.

A ship of 293 tons. Ballast pile & cannon balls can be found.

24.48.18N 80.45.99W
SUMEY DE SAN IGNACIO -  Galleon (Upper Keys)
Sank in the great storm of 1733. Now lies in 11 feet of water.
24.41.70N 80.56.44W
Sank in the storm of 1773. Now lies in 14 feet of water.
24.53.83N 80.35.00W
SAN JOSE DE LAS ANIMAS- Galleon (Upper Keys)
Sank in the storm of 1733. Wreck now lies in 29 feet of water.

This 327 ton merchant ship was built in England. Was carrying silver coin and bullion as well as porcelain pottery, drugs, brazil wood ,hides & cocoa. Salvaged again in 1968.

24.57.052N 80.29.556W
SAN PEDRO - Galleon (Upper Keys)
Sank in the storm of 1773.
The wreck location is 1.25 nautical miles off Lower Matecumbe Key and 1 nautical mile off Indian Key. The site is well buoyed by the State. Lies in 18 feet of water.

The wreck of the 287 ton Dutch Built San Pedro was found in the 1960's in Hawk Channel. At this time the site was heavily salvaged by treasure hunters. Silver coins dating between 1731 and 1733 were recovered from the pile of ballast and cannons that marked the place of her demise. Elements of the ship's rigging and hardware as well as remnants of her cargo were unearthed and removed.

24. 51.90N 80.40.72W



There is much more to Key Largo than the legends of the past -- the splendors of this tropical paradise provide a life style unchallenged anywhere in the world. Come and create your own legends, stay and let us share our unique heritage OCEAN POINTE  Vacation Rental. We welcome you to this island of history and enchantment...Legendary Key Largo!

Accommodations Hotel Condominiam Rental.

OCEAN POINTE  Vacation Rental

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Ocean Pointe Marina


Ocean Pointe Vacation This upscale Condominium Resort is located directly on the Ocean in Key Largo. Offering a beautifully decorated condo, with two bedroom - two bath with whirlpool tubs for weekly and monthly rentals Ocean Pointe Suite is located,about one hour drive south from Miami international Airport,The hard Rock Cafe-Casino,the Art Deco South Beach and Miami shopping.
About 90 miles east of Key West.

Rates (in US Dollars )
Sep 01-Dec 15 ... $125/night .. $ 800/week. (3 night min)
Dec 16-Aug 31 ... $150/night .. $ 950/week. (3 night min)
Holidays ........ $200/night .. $1100/week. (3 night min)
Special Events .. $200/night .. $1100/week. (3 night min)
Special Events includes Mini + Open Lobster Season.
20 % deposit required to make a reservation.
Refundable up to 30 days before arrival date.

Note: Until confirmed, rates are subject to change without notice.


Vacation Property
OCEAN POINTE  Vacation Rental
Key Largo is known as the "Diving Capital of the World" while Islamorada is called the "Sport Fishing Capital".


Key Largo Getaway


Vacation Property
OCEAN POINTE  Vacation Rental
Key Largo is known as the "Diving Capital of the World" while Islamorada is called the "Sport Fishing Capital".


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Welcome...This page provides information on accommodations as well as a description of the amenities at Ocean Pointe Condo Resort located in Key Largo, Florida. Why stay at a hotel when you can rent an affordable holiday vacation lodging, situated directly on the atlantic ocean. Rent directly from the owner of this chalet, cabin, villa, home, apartment and condo accommodation in the beautiful Florida Keys.

Accommodations include - 2 bedroom, 2 bath suite, a full kitchen, living room, a private balcony with oceanviews.

Amenities include - 67 acres of tropical hardwoods, a protected mangrove forest and beach. Heated pool and spa, lighted tennis courts, marina and waterfront cafe with bar.

Living Room & Kitchen - Ocean Pointe/Key Largo, Florida Keys Condo Rental

Living Room & Kitchen - Ocean Pointe,Tavernier, FL - Upper Keys Condo Rental

Beautifully decorated, two bedroom, two bath, third-floor Condo. This unit is located at Ocean Pointe Suite and is perfect for anyone who dives, loves to boat, or wants to fish. This cozy unit is warm and inviting for those looking for a relaxing vacation or a getaway.

This resort condo has everything you need to restore your body and your mind. There is an outdoor pool and spa. There is a marina with dock space and boat ramp. There is a fishing pier, beach, canaba all in a park like setting. A sandy beach for relaxing and your tanning pleasure.  There are many restaurents in the area. There are many parks and beaches. You can bike, walk, kayak, sight see, charter boats, water sports, historic sites ect..... Or don't do anything.

Welcome to Ocean Pointe! This condo is available for your enjoyment. Please call or e-mail and you are well on your way to paradise!!!

Dining Area - Ocean Pointe/Key Largo, Florida Keys Condo Rental

Living Room & Kitchen - Ocean Pointe,Tavernier, FL - Upper Keys Condo Rental

Amenities: Phone, Air Conditioning, Cable TVS, VCR, Stereo, CD Player, Full Kitchen, Microwave, Dishwasher, Refrigerator, Ice Maker, Cooking Utensils provided, Linens provided, Washer, Dryer, Hot Tub, pool, BBQ grill

Activities (on site or nearby): Beach, pool, Tennis, Biking, Coral Reef,Golf, Parks, beaches, Fishing, Wildlife Viewing, Backcountry Fishing,  Dea Sea Fishing, Kayaking, Shopping, Restaurants, Cinemas, Swimming, Snorkeling/Diving, Boating, Waterskiing, Windsurfing, Parasailing


OCEAN POINTE Holiday Vacation Rental


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Vacation Property

 OCEAN POINTE Holiday Vacation Rental

Ocean Pointe Suites at Key Largo. Spread across 67 acres of the Florida Keys ... 2 Lighted tennis courts, large pool, private beach, kayaking, volleyball ...


Key Largo Getaway