History of the Florida Keys


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The Conch Republic

Conch Republic is  a state of mind with pirates, smugglers, and escape of your everyday life. Ernest Hemingway, six-toed cats and a bar called Sloppy Joe's have influenced the Conch Republic's ( MARGARITAVILLE ) rich history as much as sunsets, Caribbean waters, and tropical nights.


History of the Florida Keys

A moment in Florida Keys history. Though most of the Florida Keys remained remote and inaccessible until well into the 20th century, their history glitters with romantic tales of pirates, indians and early settlers. Florida Keys History and Geography. The Keys have a rich and interesting history. The Florida Keys are a cluster of about 1700 islands in the southeast United. 

Information on the history of the Keys from early wreckers, pirates, the Labor Day Hurricane, and to present, learn about the history of this chain of islands.

The first people in South Florida were Paleo-Indians. They discovered the area more than 10,000 years ago. Hundreds of years before Christopher Columbus discovered the New World, the Native Indians lived there. FLORIDA KEYS' SUNKEN SHIPS REFLECT MARITIME HISTORY.

Florida Keys Indians When the first people to enter the Florida peninsula around 12,000 years ( Wisconsin Glaciation Period ) ago they were not explorers, adventurers, or settlers.  They were nomads following the  game animals upon which their survival depended. At time the sea level was lower and rainfall less plentiful than today. As a result, the Florida peninsula was more than twice as large as it is now. Mastodons, camels, mammoths, bison, and horses roamed vast grasslands in search of food and fresh water.  CALUSA INDIANS

 HISTORY AND THE FLORIDA KEYS On April 2, 1513 Ponce de Leon claimed Florida ( La Florida) in the name of Spain.Indians right's were never considered.Florida was owned and governed by the Spain from 1513. It was traded to England in 1763. It was taken  back by Spain in 1783. Then sold to the United Statesin 1819. Ratification of the Adams -Onis treaty of 1819 made Florida a U.S Territory February 22, 1821. KEYS HISTORY

Pirates in Paradise There once was a mythical time when brave and dangerous pirates sailed the seas in search of both fortune and fame. In this time heroic villains rose to fame, figures like Blackbeard, Captain Kidd, Captain Avery, Captain Morgan and others became household names. They were the famous anti-heroes of their time. This was also a historical period from roughly 1680 - 1730 when large numbers of Anglo-American mariners were engaged in piracy and privateering, often against Spanish or other targets of opportunity in the Atlantic Ocean. KEY LARGO PIRATES

Farming in the Florida Keys -  Keys Farming , like fishing, the wrecker did between salvaging shipwrecks. As the wrecking industry began to close in the latter 1800s, the farming industry expanded. PINEAPPLE FARMING  

OCEAN POINTE VacationRental
Key Largo is known as the "Diving Capital of the World" while Islamorada is called the "Sport Fishing Capital".

The Florida Keys' Overseas Highway, which connects the island chain with the Florida mainland, one of the 10 most beautiful drives in the United States. The Highway That Goes to Sea, the southernmost leg of U.S. Highway 1 stretches from the southern tip of Florida to Key West, with the Atlantic Ocean on one side and Florida Bay and the Gulf of Mexico on the other.

Miami to Key West is one of the more memorable automobile tours. Drive the Overseas Highway across a 128 mile chain of subtropical islands.This chain of coral and limestone islands connected by 42 bridges. The waters ranging from aquamarine to deep blue and emerald green. With dazzling sunsets and sunrises. Just off U.S. 1 you can fine an underwater worlds of silent beauty, tropical birds, mangrove islands and the key deer. A prime vacation spot. A place where artists, writers, fishers, and retirees make their homes in the  fragile natural resources of the Florida Keys.

Dry Tortugas: Many believe the Florida Keys end in Key West. However, this is just the end of US1. The chain of the Florida Keys continues for a further 70 miles west. The very end islands being the Dry Tortugas.

Fishing and kayaking are some of the many alluring outdoor adventures in the Upper Keys, a collection of 823 islands.

Your Upper Keys adventure and beach vacation features hiking, biking, kayaking, and some of the best snorkeling in the world! Not to mention a chance to relax on the beach and catch some sun. Explore the Florida Keys including historic and eccentric Key West, the Everglades National Park and the best of Florida’s state parks. Look for the hiden beauity of manatees, alligators, and thousands of common wild exotic birds. Take an air boat ride or do some fishing. 




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Ocean Pointe Marina


Ocean Pointe Vacation This upscale Condominium Resort is located directly on the Ocean in Key Largo. Offering a beautifully decorated condo, with two bedroom - two bath with whirlpool tubs for weekly and monthly rentals Ocean Pointe Suite is located,about one hour drive south from Miami international Airport,The hard Rock Cafe-Casino,the Art Deco South Beach and Miami shopping.
About 90 miles east of Key West.

Rates (in US Dollars )
Sep 01-Dec 15 ... $125/night .. $ 800/week. (3 night min)
Dec 16-Aug 31 ... $150/night .. $ 950/week. (3 night min)
Holidays ........ $200/night .. $1100/week. (3 night min)
Special Events .. $200/night .. $1100/week. (3 night min)
Special Events includes Mini + Open Lobster Season.
20 % deposit required to make a reservation.
Refundable up to 30 days before arrival date.

Note: Until confirmed, rates are subject to change without notice.


Vacation Property
OCEAN POINTE  Vacation Rental
Key Largo is known as the "Diving Capital of the World" while Islamorada is called the "Sport Fishing Capital".