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Location: Methol Rd., Roscoe, N.Y.
Bridge Established: 1877



Location Local Map 

790 Methol Rd., Roscoe, New York 12776


NY Route 17 to Roscoe (Exit94), Go right on CR92 -  3.4 miles, then 2.2 miles right on CR96 to north end of Tennanah Lake and 2.7 right (sharp) on Troutbrook Road, pass Lake Muskoday the road name changes to Methol Rd. Bridge is on east (right) side of road. The bridge is located near Roscoe in Delaware County.

Things to do nearby in the Catskills:

Fishing and kayaking the Beaver Kill River. Kayaking and fishing the many lakes of the Catskills. Fly fishing the backcountry eddies of the Beaver Kill. Ice fishing lakes and ponds in Woodstock. Snow Mobiling the backcountry trails of the Catskill Mountains. There upland bird hunting, skeet shooting, paint ball, ice skating in the Woodstock region. Big game hunting in Woodstock. Canoeing and Kayaking the Delaware River. ATV's, hiking in the Woodsctock area. Kayak and bird watch on the Delaware River. Spas and horseback riding at Woodstock resorts. Skiing, Cross Country Skiing of the Woodstock area and Catskill Mountains. Farm stands, parks, country stores, music, and antiquing in the Woodstock area.The Woodstock music festival of 1969.

Roscoe, New York is the heart of fly fishing in the Catskill region. It is known as Trout Town USA. The popular fishing destinations include the Beaverkill River, which has been called the birthplace of American fly-fishing. Start in “Trouttown, USA" (Roscoe), where the Willowemoc Creek joins the Beaverkill.

Woodstock, Roscoe, Catskill area is an area of beauty. There are a collection of specialty shops, antique shops and galleries. There are many restaurants in the the Catskill mountains. A road trip can take you to the Woodstock Festival site or senic mountain tour. There in bird watching and many other wildlife discoveries. This is a play locked in time, with history of the hippie movement. The Woodstock generation.

This is one hotspot you do not want to miss. Plan a road trap or a vacation. While here don't forget to stop at the Catskill Fly Fishing Center and Museum and learn what fly fishing is about.

Our Top Trout Streams

The study said that from Roscoe to the East Branch Delaware, the stream flows for some 15 miles over some excellent trout habitat. In the Roscoe-to-Horton reach, habitat consists of riffles and pocket water intermingled with deeper pools. From Horton, past Peakville, all the way to the mouth, the pools are less numerous but larger in size.



SCENIC ROADWAYS OF THE CATSKILL - ROSCOE AREA  In 1920, a road along the New York side of the Delaware River was initiated to link the settlements along the river. This same road, Route 97, now defines the proposed corridor for the Upper Delaware Scenic Byway. The scenic byway boundary is a linear corridor along Route 97 in Orange, Sullivan and Delaware Counties that encompasses the intrinsic qualities found along the road and the Upper Delaware River, and within the river communities. The byway corridor extends along 71.35 miles  between and including the city of Port Jervis and the village of Hancock.


The Bear Spring Mountain State Park is also located near Roscoe. Extensive trail systems provide enjoyment for the hiker, horseback rider and, in fall/winter, the area is well known for its hunting, cross-country skiing and snowmobiling.


Roscoe New York
Roscoe New York
Key Largo Florida
Roscoe New York
Roscoe New York
Roscoe New York
Roscoe New York
Roscoe New York
Roscoe New York
Roscoe New York
Roscoe New York
Pelican Key Largo
Roscoe New York
Roscoe New York

Communities and locations in Fremont



Delaware River Trips

Route 97, Narrowsburg, NY 12764 800-252-3925
(Ten Mile River Enterprises) Hancock, Hankins, Callicoon, Skinners Falls, Narrowsburg, Ten Mile River, Minisink, Pond Eddy, Knights Eddy, Matamoras


Apple Pond Farming Center - 80 Hahn Rd, Callicoon Center, NY 12724
(845) 482-4764 

Pleasant Valley Stables - 458 N. Branch/Callicoon Center Rd.North Branch, NY 12724
(845) 482-5049 

Bridle Hills Farms - 190 Hammer Road, Jeffersonville, NY 12724
(845) 292-6267 

Stringer's Country Inn - 79 Swiss Hill Road,North Branch, NY 12724
(845) 482-3464 


                                                                                                                         SNOWY EGRET

SNOWY EGRET - This bird stands two feet tall.  It is an all white bird. With a long neck. Bill is black and slender.  Legs are long and black. Feet are yellow. HABITAT - Coastal, Waterways, Marshes  **** COMMON IN THE FLORIDA KEYS 

                           BLACK VULTURE

BLACK VULTURE - This bird stands two feet tall. It has a four and a half feet wing span. The head is naked, scaly with a silvery shine. The bill is pale gray .Black Vultures  soar the sky in all habitat in search of dead animals. They feed  on dead fish, dead birds, and dead mammals. Range all areas of Florida.    *****  COMMON IN THE FLORIDA KEYS 



    Summer of Love and Woodstock

    Rebellion against the establishment appeared in many forms in the United States during the 1960s. Caught up in the rising frustration circling around America's increased involvement in Vietnam, the racial unrest in many urban areas, and the pressure to conform, a growing number of the younger generation rejected the American way of life. The resulting movement, termed the counterculture, embraced an alternative lifestyle characterized by long hair, brightly colored clothes, communal living, free sex, and rampant drug use.

    Buffalo Springfield ~ For What It's Worth   KEY LARGO YOU TUBE

    The Woodstock Music and Art Festival was a rock festival held at Max Yasgur's 600 acre (2.4 km˛) dairy farm in Bethel, New York from August 15–August 18, 1969. It is arguably and very widely viewed as the most famous rock festival ever held. For many, it exemplified the counterculture of the 1960s and the "hippie era". Many of the best-known musicians of the times appeared during the rainy weekend, captured in a successful 1970 movie, Woodstock. Joni Mitchell's song "Woodstock", which memorialized the event, became a major hit for Crosby Stills Nash and Young.

    Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young
    by Joni Mitchel

    Well I came upon a child of God
                 A7sus                 Em7
    He was walking along the road
              A7sus                                    Em7
    And I asked him "Where are you going"

    This he told me

    "I'm going on down to Yasgurs farm
               A7sus                         Em
    Gonna join in a Rock `n' Roll band
                A7sus                Em7
    Gonna camp out on the land

    And set my soul free"

    We are stardust

    We are golden

    And we are billion year old Crabon
    And we got to get ourselves
                       Em   G   A   G   Em
    Back to the gar           -         den

    Can I walk beside you?
    I have come to lose the smog
    And I feel to be caught in something turning
    Maybe it's the time of year or maybe it's the time of man
    I don't know who I am but life is for learning


    By the time we got to Woodtsock
    We were half a million strong
    And everywhere was a song and celebration
    And I dreamed I saw the bombers riding shotgun in the sky
    Turning into butterflies above the nation

    caught in the devils bargain
    And we got to get ourselves back to the garden

    Hendrix   KEY LARGO YOU TUBE ****** Woodstock   KEY LARGO YOU TUBE ****** Country Joe McDonald   KEY LARGO YOU TUBE *******  Canned Heat   KEY LARGO YOU TUBE ****** The Band   KEY LARGO YOU TUBE ****** The Who   KEY LARGO YOU TUBE ****** CSN   KEY LARGO YOU TUBE ****** Woodstock 1969   KEY LARGO YOU TUBE ****** Joe Cocker   KEY LARGO YOU TUBE ****** Woodstock rain   KEY LARGO YOU TUBE ****** Woodstock Tour   KEY LARGO YOU TUBE ****** Jerry Garcia   KEY LARGO YOU TUBE ****** Jefferson Airplane   KEY LARGO YOU TUBE ******

    Bethel - 38 acre site of the Historic 1969 Woodstock Festival 
    is at the corner of West Shore and Hurd Road. What was Max Yasgur's dairy farm.

    WOODSTOCK '69                             WOODSTOCK '94 ***          
       ===================                       ===================     
       Joan Baez                                 Aerosmith               
       The Band                                  Allman Brothers Band     
       Blood, Sweat & Tears                      Arrested Development   
       The Paul Butterfield                    **The Band                
                                              Blues Band                               Blind Melon                                                          
       Canned Heat                               Blues Traveler   
           Joe Cocker                                 James and Candlebox           
       Country Joe McDonald                            Johnny Cash    
          and The Fish                           Jimmy Cliff's All Star
       Creedence Clearwater Revival                 Reggae Jam (with Rita   
       Crosby, Stills, & Nash                       Marley & Shabba Ranks)         
       The Grateful Dead                         Collective Soul
       Arlo Guthrie                              The Cranberries
       Tim Hardin                              Crosby, Stills, & Nash
       The Keef Hartley Band                     Sheryl Crow            
       Richie Havens                             Cypress Hill        
       Jimi Hendrix                              Bob Dylan              
       Incredible String Band                    Melissa Etheridge          
      *Iron Butterfly                            Peter Gabriel              
       Jefferson Airplane                        Green Day                 
       Janis Joplin                              Jackyl               
       Melanie                                   King's X                 
       Mountain                                  Live               
       Quill                                     Metallica 
       Santana                                   Neville Brothers
       John Sebastian                            Nine Inch Nails
       Sha-Na-Na                                 Orleans
       Ravi Shankar                              Porno for Pyros
    Sly & The Family Stone                    Primus
       Bert Sommer                               Red Hot Chili Peppers
       Sweetwater                                Rollins Band
       Ten Years After                             (Henry Rollins)
       The Who                                   Todd Rundgren
       Johnny Winter                             Salt 'N Pepa
    Neil Young
          A Pirate Looks At Fifty

          We are indeed the people our parents warned us against! Our generation, the Boomers,  we have been through a lot. They were the best of times.  They were the worst of times. We are now approaching the summer of our  years. Part of that stage of life is reflecting on what we have done and what we will do with tommorrow.  We are growing older, but are younger then that now.


          KEY LARGO   MUSIC
          American culture. Coffeehouses are a places to build community and/or hold events. They are a place to chill, to write, to draw, to think, or to express yourself. They are furnished with unmatched furniture, exposed brick walls, and local artwork. Many have wireless Internet access. The sounds of soft conversation, espresso machines, and music provide atmosphere. 

          Joni Mitchell

          Joni Mitchell began playing in small nightclubs and busking on the streets of Toronto and in her native Western Canada. She subsequently became associated with the burgeoning folk music scene of the mid-1960s in New York City. Mitchell achieved fame in the late 1960s and was considered a key part of the Southern California folk rock scene. Mitchell has amassed a body of work that is highly respected by both critics and fellow musicians. Joni Mitchell stands as the most important and influential female recording artist of the late 20th century.

          Woodstock   KEY LARGO YOU TUBE

            Direction: From Route 17: westbound take Exit 93 at Cooks Falls, eastbound take Exit 92 at Horton.
            Turn northeasterly on Russell Brook Road at Cooks Falls and proceed up Russell Brook approximately 5 miles to start of trail on the left. Parking areas are available on and off the Russell Brook Road.

            Russell Brook Trails:

            1. Russell Brook-Trout Pond-Mud Pond Loop. The trail is marked with blue and yellow markers and the total length is 8.7 miles.

            2. Trout Pond Trail. Junction of Russell Brook Road and trail up Trout Pond outlet. The trail is marked with blue markers, is 11 miles in length and ends at Campbell Brook Road

            3. Campbell Mountain Trail. Junction of Campbell Mt. Road and Trout Pond Trail (south). The trail is marked with blue markers, is 7.6 miles in length, and ends at Campbell Mt. Trail.

            4. Little Spring Brook Trail


            The gray sandstones of the area formed some 360-400 million years ago when the Catskill region was a shallow sea filling up with clay and silt washing off the high mountains to the east. The sandstones have now been uplifted high above sea level, but the layers formed in a shallow sea are still visible.

            Streams have eroded deep valleys into this high plateau, forming the Catskill Mountains. Continental and valley glaciers have also left their mark, repeatedly covering the Catskills from 10,000 to two million years ago.The history of the Catskill Mountains is a geologic story come full circle, from erosion, deposition and uplift back to erosion. The Catskill Mountains are more of a dissected plateau than a series of mountain ranges. The sediments that make up the rocks in the Catskills were deposited when the ancient Acadian Mountains in the east were rising and subsequently eroding.

            The highest point is an approximately 3,520-foot (1,073 m) summit of Bearpen Mountain along the Greene County line. The lowest point is along the Delaware River.

            Delaware County is located in the southern part of the state, separated from the state of Pennsylvania by the Delaware River. It is east of Binghamton and southwest of Albany. The county contains part of the Catskill Mountains. The county is within a region called the Southern Tier of New York State.

            When counties were established in New York State in 1683, the present area of Delaware County was divided between Albany and Ulster Counties

            Major Johannes Hardenbergh (1670 – 1745) also known as Sir Johannes Hardenbergh, was the owner of the Hardenbergh patent of land in the Catskill Mountains. In 1716, Hardenbergh bought the immense tract of land since known as the "Hardenbergh patent", which covered some 2 million acres (8000 km˛) of the Catskill Mountains in what is today Sullivan, Ulster and Delaware counties, from Nanisinos, sachem of the Esopus Indians, for the sum of 60 pounds.

            Roscoe like most of the Catskills was part of the Hardenberg Patent in the early 1700s which in turn was purchased by the last Lord of Manor of Livingston Manor, Robert Livingston. The first settlers were brothers Luther and Jehiel Stewart who bought the area around Roscoe from Livingston's son Jonatahan Livingston. Stewart Street is one of the community's main streets.

            The name is in honor of Major General John Sullivan, who was a hero in theAmerican Revolutionary War.

            In 1789 Roscoe was called Westfield Flats.It was the home of the Delaware Indians, where panthers and wolves roamed freely. A history of the surroundings of the Beaverkill and Willowemoc river basins. This region was the borderland between the Iroquois nations to the North and the Algonquin of the South. The Lenni-Lenapes, a branch of the Delaware tribes, were in the majority. Although defeated by the Iroquois, they remained active under the leadership of their chief Nanismos and continued to enjoy the protective preserve with an abundance of fish and game which included deer, elk, moose, wolves, bear, panthers, and other fur bearing animals. Wild geese, ducks, and turkey provided ready food at all times.

            Sullivan County Historical Society   Roscoe Area

            Woodstock Music Festival - August 15,16,17,  1969. The counter culture of the 1960's. A time of peace and music. The hippie generation.







            RUFFED GROUSE
            WILD TURKEY
            BOBWHITE QUAIL

            VARYING HARE
            RED FOX
            GRAY FOX
            RED SQUIRREL



            Concord Monster Golf Course Concord Hotel - Kiamesha Lake, NY 12751 (845) 794-4000 

            Hancock Golf Course 1 Golf Course Dr., Hancock, NY 13783  (607) 637-2480 

            Kutsher's Country Club Kutsher Rd., Monticello, NY 12701  (800) 431-1273

            Pines Golf Club Laurel Ave., South Fallsburg, NY 12779  (845) 434-9097 

            Swan Lake Golf and Country Club Briscoe Rd.,Swan Lake, NY 12783  (888) 254-5818

            Tennanah Lake Golf and Tennis Club Roscoe-Hankins Rd., Roscoe, NY 12776  (888) 561-3935 

            Twin Village Golf Club Rockland Rd., Roscoe, NY 12776  (607) 498-5829

            Villa Roma Resort 356 Villa Roma Rd., Callicoon, NY 12723  (800) 727-8455


            GET AWAY SOUTH

            Accommodations Hotel Condominiam Rental.

            VACATION RENTAL - OCEAN POINTEOcean Pointe Marina



            SEND AN E-MAIL: Abassett@netzero.net

            500 BURTON DRIVE, #1307, TAVERNIER, FLORIDA 33070

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            Accommodations include - 2 bedroom, 2 bath suite, a full kitchen, living room, a private balcony with oceanviews.

            Amenities include - 67 acres of tropical hardwoods, a protected mangrove forest and beach. Heated pool and spa, lighted tennis courts, marina and waterfront cafe with bar.

            Living Room & Kitchen - Ocean Pointe/Key Largo, Florida Keys Condo Rental

            Living Room & Kitchen - Ocean Pointe,Tavernier, FL - Upper Keys Condo Rental

            Beautifully decorated, two bedroom, two bath, third-floor Condo. This unit is located at Ocean Pointe Suite and is perfect for anyone who dives, loves to boat, or wants to fish. This cozy unit is warm and inviting for those looking for a relaxing vacation or a getaway.

            This resort condo has everything you need to restore your body and your mind. There is an outdoor pool and spa. There is a marina with dock space and boat ramp. There is a fishing pier, beach, canaba all in a park like setting. A sandy beach for relaxing and your tanning pleasure.  There are many restaurents in the area. There are many parks and beaches. You can bike, walk, kayak, sight see, charter boats, water sports, historic sites ect..... Or don't do anything.

            Welcome to Ocean Pointe! This condo is available for your enjoyment. Please call or e-mail and you are well on your way to paradise!!!

            Dining Area - Ocean Pointe/Key Largo, Florida Keys Condo Rental

            Living Room & Kitchen - Ocean Pointe,Tavernier, FL - Upper Keys Condo Rental

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            Activities (on site or nearby): Beach, pool, Tennis, Biking, Coral Reef,Golf, Parks, beaches, Fishing, Wildlife Viewing, Backcountry Fishing,  Dea Sea Fishing, Kayaking, Shopping, Restaurants, Cinemas, Swimming, Snorkeling/Diving, Boating, Waterskiing, Windsurfing, Parasailing

            FOR INFORMATION AND BOOKINGS CALL 516-991-9575


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